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During this phase, we introduce young athletes to all areas of athletic development. Focus is on increasing movement awareness, coordination, agility, and functional strength & conditioning. Athletes will build a solid foundation for elite performance.



At this stage in an athlete’s career, they are still growing physically. They have a couple of years before they will have to specialize for the sport that they wish to play at the collegiate level. Here we take a generalized approach to the athlete’s development, avoiding early specialization which can lead to burnout and over-use injuries. The athlete will be put through a multi-faceted athletic development program, preparing them for the rigors of high school varsity sports.



During the latter years of a high school athlete’s career, they should start to narrow down their options and start specializing in a specific sport/activity. Here they must stand out of the crowd with their individual on-the-field performance so they can win a starting spot on their varsity team, setting themselves up to compete for college scholarships. In this phase we will develop sport-specific programs to enhance the athlete's ability to shine in their arena.



The elite training program enables athletes to maximize their athletic career, while we prepare them to play at the highest level. We offer both in-season and off-season training to bring out the best in each athlete. Our objective is to develop and deliver customized training plans by addressing athletic qualities including but not limited to speed, strength, stamina, injury prevention, nutrition, and recovery.



Our adult fitness program focuses on health and longevity. We create customized programs aimed toward increasing muscular strength/stamina, cardiovascular/ metabolic efficiency, joint mobility, injury prevention and achieving an optimum strength to weight ratio. All these factors add up to the attainment of a well-balanced and sustainable fitness regime that will enable one to live a youthful and vital lifestyle for years to come.


Tony Fiammetta, NFL Veteran


NFL Veteran, Creator of Guardian Training Systems

Reach your potential under the guidance of NFL veteran, Tony Fiammetta. Guardian Training Systems delivers a comprehensive training program designed by Tony after a lifetime of experience and self-study. Learn from this modern-day gladiator, as he shares the best in Strength & Conditioning, Sports Psychology, and Recovery techniques. 



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"I’ve worked with a lot of different trainers and strength coaches through my years of playing football, but Tony has been one of the best I’ve worked with. He’s professional in what he does and has tons of experience in training athletes (being one himself). He knows and spends time learning different sports to provide specific training for each athlete’s sport. He prepared me for my first season in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers physically and mentally. Tony brings to the table his passion for sport, developing athletes to be their best in the healthiest way and loving what he does!"

CHARLIE WOERNER / Tight End, San Francisco 49ers


“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Coach Tony. He gave me the tools to be successful at the next level. We worked on nutrition, mental, strength, conditioning, and agility work. He gives you the tools to be successful and is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with.”

NAVY SHULER / Quarterback, University of Tennessee 

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"Tony and his system is one that I couldn’t be happier crossed the path of my football team.  I have noticed that the guys move better, focus better, and most importantly are healthier than they have ever been.  Tony’s knowledge of the demand on the body is second to none.  He understands the young men and what they need to perform at a high level.  I have been around a lot of people in the fitness/strength and conditioning world and Tony’s method is so much more in depth and state of the art to what today's game is.  In a time where people are always trying to find the edge over others, Tony definitely has a blue print for that.  I would highly recommend Tony to people of all walks of life."

Tommy Langford - Coach, UNC Charlotte


"I had the pleasure of working with Tony for about a year and a half. During that year or so I saw drastic improvement in my speed, agility, and strength. He set up a plan for me and the position that I played which helped me to excel on the field. He helped to expose the areas I was weak in and improve on them. Not only did Tony help me prepare physically but mentally as well which was a game changer. I have worked with a lot of different trainers but Tony is by far the best in the business!"


Gavin Gosnell - Quarterback, University of South Florida


“Tony is one of the first Trainers I've used that stressed the importance of mental health. On top of providing a great program to enhance your physique, he also provides you with exercises to recenter yourself. Since working with Tony, my posture & mobility have made a significant improvement. No matter how old or young you are, I highly recommend Tony's training.”

LOUIS D. / Photographer & Graphic Designer, Queens, NY


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