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Guardian Training Systems, Tony Fiammetta, NFL Trainer

My multidimensional training system harnesses knowledge acquired from 25+ years of athletic competition, training with the best coaches and mentors in the world, and my own personal in-depth studies. Over the years, I have experienced and experimented with a diversity of strength training protocols, conditioning methods, joint mobilization techniques, physical therapy approaches, yoga practices and martial arts styles. The training methods in this system rely on thorough planning but also can be spontaneously customized to meet the needs of the moment. 

My training sessions are crafted to train all aspects of the body and mind, pushing you to your physical and mental limits. The goal of my training is to follow the first rule of survival: Adapt or Die. Destroying previous plateaus and producing positive change takes great effort, but no undue harm needs to be done to the body or the mind. Through my understanding of progressive training, body mechanics, and fundamental human physiology, I set the stage for success. Each session is administered in a safe, well thought out manner. 


My system is a balanced one. Not only will I push you to your limits, I also will provide you with diet recommendations and recovery techniques to help rejuvenate the mind and body. Understanding that you can only adapt to what you can recover from, I use a variety of recovery methods to help you de-stress. These techniques take you out of survival mode and bring you back to a restful state where you can re-build your body with proper rest and nutrition. 


My training system was built out of necessity. My entire life I have set high-standards for myself, always aiming towards excellence. All my knowledge, acquired through a lifetime of study and practice, has been distilled into a practical training method that I personally use in my daily life. The goal is to empower each individual with skillsets that will create a sense of power and stillness within, enabling one to grow in every aspect of life. It is my hope to share my creation with those who possess the desire to live with humility, courage, and honor. With these virtues in mind, one can take on any challenge in life and come out as the victor.


"The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself."



The key to physical development is  adaptability through the channel of the body's nervous system. Setting priority on the connectivity of the Brain-Body complex, the aim of each training session is to have the body and mind act as one synergistic unit. Once in control of the body's central command, all physical processes can be disciplined. This skill is the essence of physical mastery.  

Image by César Couto


It's no secret that the mind is the most important tool needed to accomplish anything in life. Self-control steadies the mind, focusses your mental energy and empowers you to conquer any goal. The key to success is realizing that you are the creator of your own reality. The objective of mental training is to discipline the mind so you can take command of the trajectory of your life.  

Fiery Sun


In life, many look outside themselves for power and control. True power, comes from self purification; destroying all falsehoods based on vice and illusion. Once this is accomplished, all that remains is the immortal Soul. This unified being is truly who you are. The ultimate aim of this training system to connect with this inner power, so individuals can live from the core of their being.

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